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  • Bihar VAT

    S NoNameType
    3Entry TaxAct
    4Entertainment TaxAct
    5Advertisement TaxAct
    6Luxury TaxAct
    7Electricity DutyAct
    8Professional TAx ActAct
    S NoNameType
    3Entry TaxRule
    4Entertainment TaxRule
    5Advertisement TaxRule
    6Luxury TaxRule
    7Electricity DutyRule
    8Professional TAx Rule
    S NoDateNumberHeading
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    106 May 16SO-99 &100C Form Cancellation and Invalid Declaration of the mentioned Registered Dealer
    226 Apr 16No-123/CPunishment communicated to Shri Ram Pravesh Sahni,CTO
    318 Apr 16No1469Posting of Shri Upendra Prasad as ACCT, Incharge, Bhagalpur Circle
    418 Apr 16SO-84&85Amendment in Rule 3 & 4 of the Bihar Professional Tax Rules,2011
    518 Apr 16No-63 &64Amendment in Rule 5 of the Bihar Entertainment Tax Rules, 1984
    613 Apr 16NO- LG-01-03/2016/67-LEGThe Bihar Settlement of Taxation Disputes Act,2016
    707 Apr 16No-105/CNotification regarding Punishment Communicated to Shri Virendra Kumar
    806 Apr 16 VAT Audit 2014-15(Saran Division)
    906 Apr 16 VAT Audit 2014-15(Patna West Divison)
    1006 Apr 16NO-1303Notification regarding Selection Criteria for VAT Audit of FY 2014-15
    1106 Apr 16NO-1329Deputation of Shri Siyaram Kumar, DCCT, Bhagalpur Circle, Bhagalpur on the post of Vice President, GSTN, New Delhi
    1206 Apr 16 VAT Audit 2014-15(Patna East Division)
    1306 Apr 16 VAT Audit 2014-15(Purnia Division)
    1406 Apr 16 VAT Audit 2014-15(Bhagalpur Division)
    1506 Apr 16 VAT Audit 2014-15(Darbhanga Division)
    1606 Apr 16LG-01-01/2016/ 57LEG & 58LEGBihar Value Added Tax Act,2016
    1706 Apr 16 VAT Audit 2014-15(Tirhut Division)
    1806 Apr 16 VAT Audit 2014-15(Patna Central Division)
    1930 Mar 16NO-1232 to 1233Transfer & Posting Dated 30.03.2016
    2029 Mar 16NO-1174Corrigendum regarding Shri Subhas Chandra Jha
    2117 Mar 16NO-1087Corrigendum regarding Departmental Notification No. 7021 Dated 17.12.2015
    2217 Mar 16NO-1046Corrigendum regarding Departmental Notification No. 1028 Dated 11.03.2016
    2317 Mar 16No-1104Relaxation in Period for Promotion from DCCT to JCCT
    2417 Mar 16No-1028Notification regarding Promotion of Smt Kanchan Bala
    2517 Mar 16No-1029Notification regarding Acceptance of MACP
    2615 Mar 16 Testing
    2726 Feb 16No-52/CNotification regarding Resuspension of Smt. Afshan Azim,CTO
    2818 Feb 16SO-35&36Exemption of Entertainmen Tax on Hindi Film AIRLIFT
    2918 Feb 16SO-37&38Composition Scheme of Brick Kiln
    3018 Feb 16SO-32Notification regarding functional of Amendments made by SI No-7 of Departmental Notification No-189 Dated 03 August 2015
    3103 Feb 16SO-24 &25Notification regarding Amendment in Rule 5 of the Bihar Entertainment Tax Rules,1984
    3203 Feb 16SO-22 &23Notification regarding Change in rate of Surcharge
    3302 Feb 16SO-28& 29Schedule of rates under The Bihar Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments
    3402 Feb 16SO-30&31Form PT-IX of the said rules
    3502 Feb 16SO-26&27Amendment in Rule 3 of the Bihar Taxation on Luxuries in Hotels
    3629 Jan 16LG-01-01/2016/ 03 & 04Notification regarding VAT Ordinance2016
    3728 Jan 16NO-352&353Transfer & Posting Dated 27th January 2016
    3821 Jan 16SO-16&17Notification regarding Amendments in Schedule Appended to the Entry Tax Act
    3921 Jan 16SO-20&21Notification regarding Amendment in Entry Tax Rule 3(1)
    4021 Jan 16SO-18&19Notification regarding Amendments in Entry Tax Notification No. SO-95 Dated 31.07.2008
    4120 Jan 16SO-12&13Notification regarding Amendments in Bihar Value Added Tax Rules,2005 Dated 13th January 2016
    4215 Jan 16So-8&9Notification regarding VAT Imposed on Certain Goods.
    4315 Jan 16SO-10 &11Notification regarding Amendment in VAT Rate.
    4415 Jan 16Letter No -3Notification regarding Suspension of Viswakant Tiwary, DC
    4514 Jan 16No-155 to 160Transfer and Posting dated 11 Jan 2016
    4614 Jan 16SO-6 &7Notification regarding exemption of Entertainment Tax on Hindi Film Chalk N Duster
    4704 Jan 16NO-09Corrigendum regarding Shri Rajiv Ranjan, ACCT, Integrated Checkpost, Dalkola, Purnia
    4804 Jan 16NO-08Appointment of Shri Braj Kishore Pacheriwal,JCCT,HQ as Applet Officer for RTI
    4918 Dec 15NO-7022Notification regarding Time Limit for Out to Out Vehicles
    5017 Dec 15NO-6945 to 7021Transfer & Posting Dated 17 December 2015
    S NoDateNumberHeading
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    116 May 16Letter No -1822Deputation Order of Shri Tapan Kumar Chakarvorty, Additional CCT Cum Member Commercial Taxes Tribunal
    210 May 16Letter No-1765Order regarding Depuatation of Shri Diwakar Prasad, ACCT
    308 Apr 16Letter No -1381Extension of Deputation Period of Kumari Anamika
    408 Apr 16letter No-1384Work Allotment Order Dated 08.04.2016
    502 Mar 16Letter No -925Order regarding Work Allotment of Officers Posted at CTD HQ Dated 01.03.2016
    626 Feb 16Letter No-64/COrder regarding regularisation of Suspension Period of Late Kapil Dev Singh
    725 Feb 16Letter No-850Order regarding Deputation of Shri Hirendra Kumar,CTO,IB,Purnia Division
    823 Feb 16Letter No-787Final Gradation List of 4th Grade Employee of CTD
    922 Feb 16Letter No-767Disposal of Registration Application Under VAT Act,2005
    1015 Feb 16Letter No-654Order regarding Assigning the Senior Charge of AG Audit to Shri Sanjay Kumar Mawandiya, JCCT,HQ
    1109 Feb 16Letter No-568Order regrding Deputation of Officers
    1204 Feb 16Letter No-515Office Order regarding Alternate Charge of Officer Posted at CTD HQ
    1304 Feb 16Letter No-516Office Order regarding Work Allotment of Officers of CTD HQ
    1402 Feb 16Letter no-426Office Order regarding Work Allotment Dated 2.02.2016
    1501 Feb 16 Transfer of Suo moto Proceedings from the Court of CCT to other Officers
    1614 Jan 16Letter No-212Order regarding Date Extension for filing of Annual Return of FY 2014-15
    1708 Jan 16Letter no-119Order regarding Deputation of Smt. Gunjan Bharti,CTO,HQ
    1828 Dec 15Letter No-7112Order regarding Deputation of CTO
    1928 Dec 15Letter No-7061Office Order regarding Alternate Charge of Additional CCT /JCCT for Leave/Tour Period
    2028 Dec 15Letter No-7060Office Order regarding Work Allotment of Officers Posted at CTD HQ Dated 22 December 2015
    2128 Dec 15Letter No-7051Order regarding Work Allotment of Officers Posted at CTD HQ Dated 21 December 2015
    2228 Dec 15Letter No-7031Salary Increment of BFS Officers from Pay Band-2 to Pay Band-3
    2308 Dec 15Letter No-6834Office Order dated 8 December 2015
    2404 Dec 15Letter No-6775Office Order dated 4 December 2015
    2529 Oct 15Letter No-6252Order dated 29 Ocotober 2015
    2629 Oct 15Letter No-6253Order dated 29 October 2015
    2723 Sep 15Letter No-5707Order dated 23 September 2015
    2807 Sep 15Letter No-4851Order regarding Ajay Kumar, ACCT and Harendra Manjhi,CTO
    2931 Aug 15Letter No-4833Order regarding Work Allotment of Officers of CTD Headquater Dated 31August2015
    3028 Jul 15Letter No-3999Order regarding Deputation of Smt. Anju Kumar, CTO, Begusarai Circle
    3120 Jul 15Letter No-3818Office Order regarding Deputation of BFS Officers
    3217 Jul 15Letter no-3815Office Order regarding Work Allotment of Officers Posted at Headquater
    3315 Jul 15Letter No-3860Circular Dated 15th July2015 regarding Disposal of VAT Registration
    3415 Apr 15 VAT Audit 2013-14 (Patna East Division)
    3515 Apr 15 VAT Audit 2013-14 (Tirhut Division)
    3615 Apr 15 VAT Audit 2013-14 (Purnea Division)
    3715 Apr 15 VAT Audit 2013-14 (Patna West Division)
    3815 Apr 15 VAT Audit 2013-14 (Bhagalpur Division)
    3915 Apr 15 VAT Audit 2013-14 (Patna Central Division)
    4015 Apr 15 VAT Audit 2013-14 (Darbhanga Division)
    4115 Apr 15 VAT Audit 2013-14 (Magadh Division)
    4215 Apr 15 VAT Audit 2013-14 (Saran Division)
    4306 Feb 15Letter No-506Office Order regarding Deputation of Shri Naveen Kumar Assistant Commissioner Commercial Taxes
    4401 Jan 15Letter No-6044Office Order regarding the last date of filing of Annual Return has been extended till 31st January 2015
    4528 Nov 14Letter No-5424Regarding Approval of Full Pension & Gratuity of Late Chandeshwar Choudhary, compulsory retired, DCCT, Vigilance & Monitoring, Magadh Division,Gaya
    4628 Nov 14Letter No-5424Regarding Approval of Full Pension & Gratuity of Late Chandeshwar Choudhary, compulsory retired, DCCT, Vigilance & Monitoring, Magadh Division,Gaya
    4729 Sep 14Letter No-4505Letter regarding modification of ACP of Clerk
    4827 Sep 14Letter No-4470Order regarding ACP of Stenographer
    4927 Sep 14Letter No-4471Order regarding ACP of Stastical Clerk
    5027 Sep 14Letter No-4469Order regarding ACP of Clerk
    S NoNumberHeading
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     97 items in 2 pages
    1A-IApplication for registration under section 19(3).
    2A-IIApplication for cancellation of certificate of registration under section 20.
    3A-IIIApplication for grant of certificate for non-deduction of tax form bills of a supplier registered.
    4A-IVApplication for grant of tax clearance certificate under Section 42.
    5A-VApplication for refund of amount forfeited under Section 44.
    6A-VIMemorandum of appeal under Section 72.
    7A-VIIApplication for revision under Section 73.
    8A-VIIIApplication for refund under Section 68.
    9A-IXApplication for provisional refund under Section 69.
    10A-XApplication for enrolment as Sales Tax Practitioner.
    11A-XIApplication under Section 15 - Permission to pay tax at a fixed rate.
    12A-XIIApplication for deferment under Section 96.
    13A-XIIIApplication for refund of advance deduction of tax under rule 29(2).
    14B-ISecurity Bond.
    15B-IIForm of Indemnity Bond.
    16C-ICertificate of Registration.
    17C-IICertificate of Tax Deducted At Source.
    18C-IIICertificate for Non-Deduction of Tax.
    19C-IVTax Clearance Certificate.
    20C-VOrder of Refund of Tax by Adjustment.
    21C-VIRefund Payment Order.
    22C-VIIAuthorization for Appearance before Taxing Authorities.
    23C-VIIICertificate for Deferment of Tax.
    24CH-IRegister of Dealers permitted to pay tax under Section 15.
    25D-IDeclaration stating name of the manager of business under Section 22.
    26D-IIForm for Declaration of Opening Stock under Section 95.
    27D-IIIForm of Declaration under Section 13.
    28D-IVForm of Declaration to be issued by Transferor.
    29D-VForm of Declaration by to be issued by Transferee.
    30D-VIForm of Challan.
    31D-VIIForm of Declaration under Section 62.
    32D-VIIIForm of Declaration for Intra-State Movement of Goods.
    33D-IXForm of Declaration for bringing goods from outside the State.
    34D-XForm of Declaration for Transporting Goods from within the State to any place outside the State
    35D-XIForm of Declaration to be filed by a Registered Dealer along with Form RT-I.
    36N-INotice under Sub-Section(1) of Section 24.
    37N-IINotice under Sub-Section(8) of Section 24.
    38N-IIINotice under Sub-Section(2) of Section 25.
    39N-IVNotice under Section 26.
    40N-VNotice of Hearing under Section 31.
    41N-VINotice of Hearing under Section 32.
    42N-VIICNotice of Hearing under Section 33.
    43N-VIIINotice of Demand under Section 25 and Section 39.
    44N-IXNotice of Hearing under Section 43
    45N-XNotice of Forfeiture under Section 44.
    46N-XINotice of Demand under Section 47.
    47N-XIINotice under Section 57(2).
    48N-XIIINotice in the Course of Survey under Section 58(2).
    49N-XIVNotice in the Course of Survey under Section 58(3).
    50N-XVNotice of Revision under Section 74.