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  • Companies Acts

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     838 items in 17 pages
    1 Short title, commencement and extents
    2 Definitionss
    3 Definitions of "company ", "existing company ", "private company " and "public company "s
    4 Meaning of "holding company " and "subsidiary "s
    5 Meaning of "officer who is in default "s
    6 Meaning of "relative "s
    7 Interpretation of "person in accordance with whose directions or instructions directors are accustomed to act "s
    8 Power of Central Government to declare an establishment not to be a branch offices
    9 Act to override memorandum, articles, etcs
    10 Jurisdiction of courtss
    11 Prohibition of associations and partnerships exceeding certain numbers
    12 Mode of forming incorporated companys
    13 Requirements with respect to memorandums
    14 Form of memorandums
    15 Printing and signature of memorandums
    16 Alteration of memorandums
    17 Special resolution and confirmation by Company Laws Board required for alteration of memorandums
    18 Alteration to be registered within three monthss
    19 Effect of failure to registers
    20 Companies not to be registered with undesirable namess
    21Change of name by companys
    22 Rectification of name of companys
    23 Registration of change of name and effect thereofs
    24 Change of name of existing private limited companiess
    25 Power to dispense with "Limited " in name of charitable or other companys
    26 Articles prescribing regulationss
    27 Regulations required in case of unlimited company, company limited by guarantee or private company limited by Sharess
    28 Adoption and application of Table A in the case of companies limited by sharess
    29 Form of articles in the case of other companiess
    30 Form and signature of articless
    31 Alteration of articles by special resolutions
    32 Registration of unlimited company as limited, etcs
    33 Registration of memorandum and articless
    34 Effect of registrations
    35 Conclusiveness of certificate of incorporations
    36 Effect of memorandum and articless
    37 Provision as to companies limited by guarantees
    38 Effect of alteration in memorandum or articless
    39 Copies of memorandum and articles, etc , to be given to memberss
    40 Alteration of memorandum or articles, etc , to be noted in every copys
    41 Definition of "member "s
    42 Membership of holding companys
    43Consequences of default in complying with conditions constituting a company a private companys
    44 Prospectus or statement in lieu of prospectus to be filed by private company on ceasing to be private companys
    45 Members severally liable for debts where business carried on with fewer than seven, or in the case of a private company, two memberss
    46 Form of contractss
    47 Bills of exchange and promissory notess
    48 Execution of deedss
    49 Investments of company to be held in its own names
    50 Power for company to have official seal for use outside Indias