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  • Limited Liability Partnership Act
    S NoName
    1Limited Liability Partnership Act
    S NoName
    No records to display.
    S NoYearHeading
    12018LLP Amendment Rules 2018 Dated 19.09.2018
    22018Limited Liability Partnership (Amendment) Rules, 2017
    32017Limited Liability Partnership (Amendment) Rules, 2017
    42016LLP(Second Amendment) Rules, 2016(G.S.R.593(E) dated 10th June, 2016)
    52016LLP(Amendment) Rules, 2016(GSR 418(E) dated 13th April, 2016)
    62012Corrigendum to LLP amendment rules, 2012 (GSR 430(E) dated 5th June 2012): G.S.R 485(E)
    72012Limited Liability Partnership (Winding up and Dissolution) Rules, 2012: G.S.R. 550(E)
    82012The Limited Liability Partnership (Amendment) Rules, 2012: G.S.R. 430(E) (2.7 MB)
    92011 LLP rules 2009(Amendment) rules,dated 5th July 2011: G.S.R. 506(E)
    102011 LLP (Amendment) Rules, 2011 - Insertion of proviso under sub-rule(4)of rule 24. dated 4th November 2011:: G.S.R. 796(E)
    112011Limited Liability Partnership (Second Amendment) Rules, 2011: G.S.R. 680(E)
    122010LLP Winding Rules, 2010: G.S.R 266(E)
    132010LLP (SECOND AMENDMENT) Rules, 2010: G.S.R. 914(E)
    142010 LLP (AMENDMENT) Rules, 2010: G.S.R 24(E)
    152009Limited Liability Partnership Rules, 2009: G.S.R. 229(E)
    162009LLP (AMENDMENT) Rules, 2009: G.S.E. 385(E) and G.S.R. 386(E)
    S NoYearDateNumberHeading
    1202030 Jan 20G.S.R. 59(E)Notification of under section 67 of LLP dt 30.01.2020
    2201515 Oct 15G.S.R. 786(E) The Limited Liability Partnership (Amendment) Rules, 2012
    3201529 Apr 15G.S.R.333(E)Applicability of Section 458 of Companies Act, 2013 to LLP
    4201214 Sep 12G.S.R.692(E)Limited Liability Partnership(Second Amendmentment)Rules,2012
    5201210 Jul 12G.S.R.550(E)Limited Liability Partnership (Winding up and Dissolution) Rules, 2012
    6201210 Jul 12G.S.R.549(E)Amendments to SO 891 (E) dated 31st Mar 2009
    7201221 Jun 12G.S.R.485(E)Corrigendum to LLP notification dated 05.06.2012
    8201205 Jun 12G.S.R.430(E)The Limited Liability Partnership (Amendment) Rules, 2012
    9201202 Jun 12No 22Notice under Rule 37(3) of LLP Rule, 2009
    10201114 Sep 11G.S.R.680(E)Limited Liability Partnership (Second Amendment) Rules, 2011
    11201105 Jul 11G.S.R.506(E)Limited Liability Partnership Rules, 2009 (Amendment) Rules, 2011.
    12201123 May 11SNo 1152Specification of LLP as a body corporate for the purpose of clause (a) of sub-section (3) of section 226 of the Companies Act, 1956
    13201015 Nov 10G.S.R.914(E) LLP (SECOND AMENDMENT) Rules, 2010
    14201009 Jun 10First Appellate Authority on LLPFirst Appellate Authority on LLP
    15201030 Mar 10G.S.R.266(E) LLP Winding Rules, 2010
    16201011 Jan 10G.S.R.24(E) LLP (AMENDMENT) Rules, 2010
    17201006 Jan 10G.S.R.6(E) Through the Notification No. G.S.R.6(E) dated 6th January, 2010, the Central Government in exercise of powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 67 of Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008 (6 of 2009), made applicable the provisions of sections 441,
    18200904 Jun 09G.S.R.386(E) LLP (AMENDMENT) Rules, 2009
    19200922 May 09S.O. 1324 (E)Notification of Rules 32 and 33 and Rules 38 to 40
    20200922 May 09S.O. 1323 (E)Notification of Sections 55 to 58, Second Schedule, Third Schedule and Fourth Schedule
    21200931 Mar 09S.O. 891 (E)Notification of sections 1, 2 (except clauses (c) and (u) of its sub-section (1)), Sections 3 to 30, Section 31 except of its application in context of the 'Tribunal', Sections 32 to 50, Sections 52 to 54, Sections 59 to 62, Sections 66 to 71, Sections 74
    S NoYearDateNumberHeading
    1202004 Mar 20General Circular No. 06/2020LLP Settlement Scheme, 2020
    2201631 May 16General Circular No. 07/2016Relaxation of additional fees and extension of time and filing of e-Forms by the Companies under Companies Act, 2013 and for filing of Annual Return (Form 11) by the LLPs under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008
    3201414 Oct 14General Circular No. 37/2014Clarification with regard to Trust/trustee as a partner in the Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPS).
    4201411 Feb 14General Circular No. 02/2014Use of word ‘National’ in the names of Companies or Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)
    5201329 Jul 13General Circular No. 13/2013Whether Hindu Undivided Familv (HUF) / its Karta can become partner Designated Partner (DPl in Limited Liabilitv Partnership (LLP).
    6201330 Apr 13General Circular No. 09/2013Conversin of firm into a Limited Liability Partnership – Clarification
    7201229 Jun 12General Circular No. 15/2012Extension of time in Filing of annual return by Limited Liability Partnerships(LLPs)
    8201206 Jun 12General Circular No. 13/2012Extension of time in Filing Annual Return by Limited LiabilityPartnerships
    9201201 Mar 12General Circular No. 02/2012Registration of Companies or LLPs which have one of their objects is to carry on the profession of Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, Architect, Company Secretary etc.
    10201108 Jul 11Circular For DIN DPINCircular For DIN DPIN
    11201108 Jul 11General Circular No: 44/2011Integration of Director’s Identification Number (DIN) issued under Companies Act, 1956 with Designated Partnership Identification Number (DPIN) issued under Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Act, 2008
    12201126 May 11General Circular No:30A/2011Clarification regarding 'Body Corporate' for the purpose of section 226(3)(a) of the Companies Act,1956.